Live chat

We handle your Live Chat function – 24/7

Live Chat is one of our services in addition to Phone Answering Services. We supply a Chat System and ensures qualified and timely answers – around the clock 24/7. We can supply this 365 days a year.

Live chat Evening, Night and Weekend

Our employees are working on site day and night, and we can therefore offer live chat 24/7/365. Our competente customer service specialists will answer your chat, and ensure only relevant messages are passed on to your customer service.Vi har bemanding i vores callcenter døgnet rundt, og kan derfor tilbyde live chat i alle døgnets 24 timer.

How does live chat work?

Step 1

Based on an introduction and our agreements we produce a written description of how the service is provided. This will be based on your definition on how much of the tasks we should complete – and in which situations we should pass on the job to your Customer Service. We are experienced in handling complex and integrated customer services in the customers systems.

Step 2

We configure and deliver to you a script that you install on your systems

Step 3

We test and adjust the installation – preparing for the final go-live. Based on experiences and our increasing understanding of your business and products – we work with you on continued optimasition and improvements.

Do you have additional Customer Service needs?

We provice custom solutions within Phone-Answering-Services, Live-Chat and Office-Hub. We are specialists in customer service and have experience in many different tasks for companys in Denmark and globally. The most important success criteria is that you are comfortable trusting us with your customer service.Så kan vi skræddersy en løsning med telefonpasning, vagttelefon, live chat og meget andet.

We answer 24/7/365 – and with frindly real people. No chat-bots.

Our customer service specialists work 24/7/365 which allows us to offer customer service in the evenings and nights – also on public holidays – a competitive price. We cooperate with companies in the Hotel/restaurant business, but also in car, IT-support, Utilitie-supply and many more.

Callcenter – Reasons for choosing CityCallCenter

We are experienced inbound callcenter specialists – with competences in customer service. Everyday we answer thousands of calls and chats, always with the highest focus on the customer service experience.

Our team is intensely trained in many types of customer service and through our broad portefolio of customers, we have a uniques understanding of the different types of customer requests.

We know what good customer service means. We treat our customers customers – as our own. We are proactive and always seek to optimise the customer service experience and the call handling.

Chat for companies

We provide Chat services for companies and in a variety of professions. Most often in relation to a our Phone Answering Service – but also independently. Our focus is on understanding your business, products and customers in order to provide a premium service.

We service primarily small and medium sized companies with a business need in Denmark. No prior experience with chat-services is needed. We provide the service and the chat system – if requested.

Chat system

We use the chatsysteme Livechat. In our view one of the best and most effective products on the market.

We can with little effort configure and establish chat-services for your business needs – and your installation will in many cases be limited to putting a script on your web-site. The whole process can be handled swiftly and in a matter of days your chat-services can be up and. running.

There are free web-chats on the market – however these are absolutely not best-in-class. We therefore provide a license at Livechat, allowing us to at a chat-service per company. In this way we can customize the Chat-services to your business needs.

Callcenter chat

Our Call Center in Copenhagen handles Phone-Answering-Services, Customer Service and Chat Serivces for companies in Denmark and globally. No matter your location in Aalborg, Odense, Roskilde or anywhere else, we can supply Chat Services to yiour company.

Our team is dedicated to Phone Services – as well as Chat Services. We can also provide these services to your company. Contact us by phone +45 80202029 or chat for a discussion and an offer.